Know Your Rights And Responsibilities - under the law

By KAPE Attorney LaRae Munk

Be informed of your rights and what is expected of you as a professional under Kentucky statutes.  The standards for qualifications, reduction in force, benefits, and many other aspects of the employment relationship with a public school district have been clearly defined by the Kentucky legislature.  In addition, the standards for certain responsibilities of a teacher have been well established by statute.  Take the time to know your rights and responsibilities.

Kentucky statutes are available on the World Wide Web ( and often can be located through your local library service. 

Just a few sections that you should be aware of:

Section 161.011 - Definitions of "classified employee" and "seniority" - Job classifications and minimum qualifications - Requirement of written contracts and written personnel policies - Reduction in force - Registry of vacant classified employee positions - Review of local board policies by the Department of Education.

Section 161.20 - Certificates required of school employees - Filing requirements - Validity and terms for renewal.

Section 161.095 - Continuing education for teachers.

Section 161.152- 161.155 - Leave days for school employees.

Section 161.170 - Teachers to enforce course of study and use of books - A superintendent may Remove a teacher for failure to do this.

Section 161.190 - Abuse of teacher is prohibited.

Section 161.195 - Teachers must be notified of student's history of physically abusive conduct or carrying a concealed weapon.

Section 161.200-210 - Records to be kept by teachers.

Section 161.720-161.810 - Teacher tenure act.