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Dear Members,

It is with great pride and happiness that the Board of Directors of KAPE and I are so pleased to announce a new attorney to join us as Membership Attorney.  Alicia Sneed has submitted her letter of engagement and the Board of Directors accepted her unanimously as an attorney for membership services.  Ms. Sneed was previously an in-house attorney for the EPSB and worked almost two years as an attorney on the staff of the OEA in Frankfort.  She has been in practice for over 20 years, and she is a licensed attorney in both Kentucky and Virginia.  She resides in Lexington and will be representing members in central and eastern Kentucky.  She has experience in criminal and employment law, and keeps informed of all matters in Frankfort.  She has been a great resource for me in the few weeks since KAPE hired her. Ms. Sneed remains in private practice, and she will be glad to discuss any private issue with KAPE members for legal services other than what we offer.  However, that is a matter between our member and Ms. Sneed, but she is available!  Only Ms. Sneed can provide a fee schedule for other private legal services, so I can't offer you any rates.  Please contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or needs for other legal services that you might need outside of your employment.  


KAPE is very happy to continue with the services of Attorney Amy Harper in western Kentucky.  She has been a membership attorney for KAPE for at least 10 years, and she is very experienced with education law, family law, and other areas where members might need private legal counsel, in addition to her services which KAPE provides.  Ms. Harper has a private practice in Hickman County, Kentucky, and she owns a Bed & Breakfast, the Harper House, in that location, so she is also a small business owner.  Ms. Harper is originally from Hickman County, and has one daughter who is in high school.  KAPE has been very fortunate that Ms. Harper is willing to travel just about anywhere to help our members, and she has been an invaluable resource for KAPE's members.  Ms. Harper will also discuss fees and rates with members who might need additional legal services.  She is also a very avid UK fan! 

As always, KAPE works hard to provide representation for our members.  In case you haven't read older emails and announcements when KAPE renegotiated our liability insurance two years ago, KAPE will now provide representation from the beginning of an employment issue until that issue is resolved, regardless of outcome.  It is imperative that members call the KAPE office at 888-438-7179 IMMEDIATELY when an issue arises.  After a disciplinary action has happened, or you have signed some form, it is usually too late to do much.  Please remember this-----DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING UNTIL YOU HAVE CALLED KAPE!  DO NOT AGREE TO ANY DISCIPLINARY ACTION UNTIL YOU HAVE CALLED KAPE!  DO NOT SUBMIT TO ANY INTERVIEWS FROM AN OUTSIDE AGENCY UNTIL YOU HAVE CALLED KAPE!  DO NOT DO ANYTHING UNTIL YOU HAVE CALLED KAPE!  ASAP!


Donna House, Executive Director


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