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For a fraction of the cost of other organizations, KAPE offers DOUBLE the liability coverage!  For $190/year you receive $2 million in liability coverage and other benefits.  PLUS, if need for legal representation arises in an employment dispute or threat to your licensure through referral to EPSB, you will have GUARANTEED legal representation until the incident is resolved.  With KAPE, you can love your school and your wallet! 

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Who We Are 

We are a professional organization for certified and classified staff in all Kentucky schools (public and private). KAPE offers double the liability insurance, legal representation, and representation in Frankfort for less than half the cost of other organizations. KAPE is NOT a UNION.

 Why Join KAPE?

-$2 million in professional liability insurance (per member/per occurrence)

-Excellent legal representation (locally and in threat to your licensure by referral to EPSB)

-Savings of $400 or more per year for double the liability coverage

-Discounts on Life/Auto/Homeowners Insurance

-Scholarships for members and their families

-NO support of political or social agendas

-NO support of political parties or candidates



Pulaski County Schools . (8,500+ / 8 elementary, 2 middle schools, 2 high schools and administration of 1 Vo-Tech School). Superintendent Vacancy, salary negotiable. Contract to start July 1, 2018. Pulaski County is located in Southeastern Kentucky. To apply for the position visit www.pulaski.net  or contact Larry Bryson for other information at Superintendent Vacancy, 318 West Dixie Street, London, KY 40741, 606-878-7123, lgbryson@windstream.net. Applicant must possess or be immediately eligible for Superintendent Certificate. No applicant may expect the fact of his/her application to be confidential. Application deadline 4:30 p.m. April 30, 2018.



Social Studies Department of South Laurel High School in London, KY is 100% KAPE! Aren’t they a great looking bunch? If your PLC or department is interested in going totally “cool blue,” let us know. We love our KAPE members.

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 Kentucky Association of Professional Educators 

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