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KTRS HB 4 Update
March 30, 2015



KTRS Update:


The House approved HB 4 which was a $3.3 billion in bonds, the Senate called that much debt too risky and proposed a task force to study the issue.  On the last day of the session the Chambers negotiated HB 4 until the final hours of the session.  The Senate offered to put $50 million into KTRS immediately and then do more planning.  This was refused by the House.  However they could not reach an agreement.  Then HB 47 was passed and sent to the Governor and was signed.  This bill added KTRS to the responsibilities of the Pension Oversight Board.  Up until this time, the Oversight Board had no authority to look at or regulate KTRS.  HB 4 and the Senate version are now dead and come January, 2016 both House and Senate will start over to find a solution for KTRS shortfall.




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 Congratulations to our 2014 Scholarship Winners!!!


Family Membership: 


Andrew Logan Worley - South Laurel High School




Student Teacher: 



Adam Barnett - EKU - Model Lab School, Madison County 




Continuing Professional Development:



Kate Johnson - Henry Clay High School - Fayette County





Lauren Ellis - Fairfield Independent High School - Boyd County





Deborah Kiser - Shelby Valley High School - Pike County





Melanie Mills - Lone Jack School Center - Bell County



Star Student/Mentoring Teacher:



Linda Dewees/Benjamin Swanson - Henry Clay High School - Fayette County





Catherine Stephens/Judy Endicott (KAPE Respresentive)/Joshua Day - Henry Clay High School - Fayette County


There is one remaining scholarship to be awarded to a student/teacher in the fall of 2014.  Please call the office for more information.














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National Board Certification.

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Ken Mattingly


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