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For a fraction of the cost of other organizations, KAPE offers DOUBLE the liability coverage!  For $200/year you receive $2 million in liability coverage and other benefits.  PLUS, if need for legal representation arises in an employment dispute or threat to your licensure through referral to EPSB, you will have GUARANTEED legal representation until the incident is resolved.  With KAPE, you can love your school and your wallet! 

Do you have a future teacher about to launch their career? KAPE members can purchase the first year of the professional dues for friends or family planning to be future educators for just $50. We will mail a gift certificate to you to present to the grad. Start them off on the right foot. Call our office today! 888-438-7179.

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(FRANKFORT, KY) – In a news conference on Thursday, Jan. 24, the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) announced the launch of the Kentucky Academy for Equity in Teaching (KAET), a renewable loan forgiveness program designed to identify and prepare effective, experienced and diverse public educators in the Commonwealth. Through the program, KAET participants will receive financial support and complete an Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB)-approved teacher education program in conjunction with ongoing mentorship by experienced Kentucky educators.

The program is funded by a $1 million per year allocation in the 2018 Kentucky state budget for educator quality and diversity through the teacher recruitment and retention program.

“Ensuring that Kentucky students have access to a diverse, highly quality, effective teacher workforce is a high priority for me and KDE,” said Kentucky Education Commissioner Wayne Lewis. “There is no single school factor more important to the success of students than having an effective classroom teacher. KAET will be instrumental in recruiting more talented young people and experienced professionals into the teaching profession who mirror the incredible diversity of our state. It also will provide additional support to those preservice teachers as they prepare to serve students.”

KAET emphasizes the development of knowledge, skills and competencies identified in the Kentucky Teacher Performance Standards and the Kentucky Framework for Teaching. It is a renewable loan forgiveness program designed to provide financial support and mentoring to pre-service teachers who are enrolled in teacher preparation and/or certification programs at public state universities.

Undergraduate students enrolled in educator preparation programs can receive up to $5,000 per semester for up to four semesters over the course of three academic years and receive no more than $20,000 total. They must be enrolled in an educator preparation program or have an application on file with a public Kentucky university.

Students in an initial certification master’s educator preparation programs are eligible to receive up to $2,500 per semester for up to four semesters over the course of three academic years and receive no more than $10,000 total. They must be admitted to a MAT educator preparation program or have an application on file with a public Kentucky university. The MAT option is limited to students participating in initial certification, option six, educator preparation programs. Support for other alternative certification programs are under development and will be available soon.

Candidates for the program must demonstrate:

               A willingness to participate fully in KAET and be mentored as pre-service educators;

               A commitment to the success of diverse students through culturally competent instruction;

               A high level of energy, determination and perseverance to act as a change agent in education;

               A commitment to equity, integrity, collaboration and achievement for all students;

               An ability to learn quickly, analyze and problem-solve; and

               A passion and long-term commitment to improving public education.

Participants of the program also will:

               Sign a Forgivable Loan Promissory Note agreeing to obtain a Kentucky teaching certificate in accordance with Title 16 of Kentucky Administrative Regulations and applicable statutes.

               Teach one semester for each semester or summer term funded by a KAET loan in one of Kentucky’s 1,200 public schools. Failure to satisfy this requirement will result in loan repayment at 6% APR.

               Repay the loan if a degree is not completed, if the student does not secure a teaching job following completion of the program, or changes their major field of study.

The student also is tasked with the responsibility of keeping the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority informed of their current contact information, change of school enrollment, reduction of credit hours or change in graduation date.

The application process requires submission of an application and verification of the following eligibility requirements:

1.            Applicants must be a United States citizens and Kentucky residents as defined by 13 KAR 2:045.

2.            Applicants must meet the character and fitness requirements of Kentucky’s EPSB and Kentucky’s Professional Code of Ethics.

3.            Applicants must be enrolled or have a completed application with pending enrollment, in a public Kentucky university educator preparation program.

4.         Applicants must meet at least one of the following criteria:

a.            Be a member of an underrepresented ethnic minority group;

b.            Demonstrate financial need through receipt of Pell Grants or Perkins Loans;

c.            Be a graduate of Kentucky School for the Blind or Kentucky School for the Deaf;

d.            Be a former migratory agricultural worker or the child of a migratory agricultural worker, or current or former English Learner;

e.            Be a first-generation college student; or

f.             Be a United States military veteran.

Applications for the program will be submitted to KDE for review. Candidates who qualify under multiple eligibility options will be given preference. The number of approved applications will be based upon qualifications and available funding. Eligibility requirements and an online application can be found at bit.ly/KAEToverview.


Our mission at KAPE is not to disrespect others, yell, attack, and blow smoke to hide the truth. We are not a union, and we do not function like a union. Our mission is to inform our members about what is really going on in events around them, and then to defend our members' right to protest, argue, ignore, or stand their ground. KAPE does not organize protests against the government and then violate state law and district policies by using school resources to stage a protest. We urge members to follow all regulations and policies when participating in legitimate rallies and protests. KAPE was present in Frankfort during the pension crisis meetings at the Pension Board, in legislative meetings, and on the Capitol grounds when protests were being launched. We did not abandon our members, nor did we remain silent. We informed our members of the TRUTH! We don't tell our members what to believe, think, or what to protest. We do not mislead them nor hide years of mismanagement at the Teacher Retirement System Board of Trustees. KAPE supports saving all parts of the Kentucky Retirement Systems in a legal, financially sound manner. But we stand alone in our quest for TRUTH, and we will provide that to our members.

The recent US Supreme Court decision in Janus means that public employees are no longer forced to join a union or to pay agency fees as a condition of their job.  Employees must now "opt in" instead of the traditional "opt out" that has been required for years by some districts in the local collective bargaining contracts.  If you have been forced to pay any agency fees to the union, KAPE is collaborating with independents in other states to attempt to recoup that money back to educators.  Contact us with questions!

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We are a professional organization for certified and classified staff in all Kentucky schools (public and private). KAPE offers double the liability insurance, legal representation, and representation in Frankfort for less than half the cost of other organizations. KAPE is NOT a UNION.

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-$2 million in professional liability insurance (per member/per occurrence)

-Excellent legal representation (locally and in threat to your licensure by referral to EPSB)

-Savings of $400 or more per year for double the liability coverage

-Discounts on Life/Auto/Homeowners Insurance

-Scholarships for members and their families

-NO support of political or social agendas

-NO support of political parties or candidates


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