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About Us

KAPE’s Mission

Working Together to Promote Excellence for Kentucky Students and Schools

KAPE’s Purpose

To promote professionalism in the field of education:

By creating a professional organization for educators;

By providing resources for educators to assist educators in providing the best education for the students entrusted to them;

By keeping educators informed about current issues, trends and developments in education.

To assist the association members to meet their responsibilities and duties to the children entrusted to them:

Promoting students’ best interest;

By promoting seminars, workshops and professional development opportunities for educators for their own personal growth as educators and improving instructional skills and methods, and classroom management;

By promoting cooperation among teachers, administrators, support staff and parents. To promote
  the welfare of the members of this association:

By providing a professional peer group for educators;

By providing assistance and support to educators involved in employment-related issues and disputes;

By acquiring liability insurance for educators. 

KAPE’s Limitations:

KAPE is not organized for pecuniary gain or profit.

KAPE is prohibited from engaging in activities contrary to the purpose for which it is organized.

KAPE shall not promote any strike, work stoppage or work slow down by educators.

KAPE shall not endorse or financially support any political candidate for local, state or federal office; however, members of the association are encouraged to support and work for the candidates and political parties of their choice.

KAPE shall not endorse or financially support social issues; however, members of the association  are encouraged to support and work for the social issues of their choice.

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 Kentucky Association of Professional Educators 

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