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(Closed on all recognized holidays.)


PHONE: 859-880-1987



269 Regency Circle

Suite 2

LexingtonKY 40503


(Legal Help is for KAPE Members only.)

Executive Director Donna House, M.A., Ed., CKP:


Check out this page for comparisons of the Kentucky Association of Professional Educators to the Kentucky Education Association. This section will give you a side by side comparison. We want our members to know the facts and feel confident in spreading the truth about KAPE. Feel free to disseminate these facts to anyone who may be seeking accurate accounts of both organizations. We are KAPE, and we stand for truth. 




Annual Costs

$200.00 per professional member, $350.00 for a married couple, students in an undergraduate education program are free. New, non-tenured teachers are offered discounted rates when sponsored by an established KAPE member.

Varies, depending on type of membership and local education membership fees.  The KEA Membership Form provides that annual dues for full-time certified members is $618.00, which does not include any applicable local dues amounts but does include a voluntary $30.00 contribution to KEPAC.  The KEA Membership Form also provides that annual dues for full-time education support professionals is $334.00, which does not include any applicable local dues amounts but does include a voluntary $15.00 contribution to KEPAC.

Liability Coverage

$2,000,000.00 per member per occurrence

$1,000,000.00 per member per occurrence

Legal Services

Legal services are free to members without a limit on dollar amount, time, or outcome.  KAPE has several Kentucky licensed attorneys on retainer who work for KAPE members without any out-of-pocket costs to those members.  A KAPE attorney will represent members from onset to conclusion of any employment issue, including representation in hearings and tribunals, and representation in issues before the Education Professional Standards Board (EPSB).  Coverage under KAPE’s policy is not contingent upon a likelihood of success by the member.  Additionally, as KAPE takes no position on any public-policy matters, coverage is not conditioned upon the potential impact a case might have on any policy or public issue.

KAPE has recently added coverage for limited legal costs to appeal a tribunal decision based upon legislated changes in SB 8, passed in 2019.  KAPE offers $10,000 extended coverage for appeals.  KAPE also provides $10,000 coverage in legal defense for criminal charges resulting from teacher/educator employment.  KAPE provides $10,000 coverage for issues regarding identity theft.  Most recently, KAPE has added coverage for tutoring outside the classroom (i.e., private music lessons, coaching sessions, etc.).  KAPE has the most comprehensive, unique coverage in the entire state and across other professional organizations and unions.

KEA’s legal policy is included in a document entitled, “Legal Assistance Policy of the KEA Board of Directors.”  Section III(A) states that the policy is “intended to provide legal assistance to eligible members in good standing to protect employment rights and privileges in instances involving adverse job actions by the employer.”  

Section III(F) provides that the KEA “may approve legal assistance” to its members and affiliates when it is determined that: (1) “the member meets the eligibility requirements as set forth in Section V [of the document]”; (2) “the matter for which assistance is sought qualifies as an employment-related matter as set forth in Section II(B) [of the document]”; (3) “there is a likelihood that the member or affiliate shall be granted the relief sought”; and (4) “the procedures and standards described in th[e] policy have been met.” (emphasis added).  Section IV of the document lists certain exclusions for legal assistance, including when “[t]he case involves support of a position contrary to the goals or policies of KEA.”  

Section III(D) further explains that “[d]efense of employment related criminal charges against a member is limited to five thousand dollars ($5,000.00), after which the member shall be directly responsible for payment of attorney fees and expenses at the usual market rate.”  And Section III(E) states that “[d]efense of employment related charges involving the Cabinet for Families and Children or its successor agency is limited to eight thousand dollars ($8,000.00), after which the member shall be directly responsible for payment of attorney fees and expenses at the usual market rate.”  

Other Legal Services

KAPE attorneys (all licensed in Kentucky) will consult with any member without charge or limit on any and all employment-related legal issues.  Discounted services and referrals will be offered on many personal legal issues outside the scope of employment for members only

KEA provides two free, 30-minute consultations per member for assistance with personal legal issues not related to employment.  

Support Services

KAPE has 15 regional representatives, 100+ school representatives, 30+ area/district representatives.

KAPE has an Executive Director who is a retired teacher and is a state-certified paralegal.

KAPE’s main office is in Lexington.  KAPE field reps work from their homes, and the executive director travels from district to district to meet with representatives and members. KAPE has a Board of Directors which is comprised of active and retired teachers and administrators who serve three-year terms.  

KAPE also has a satellite office in London. 

KEA has a staff of 70 employees in Frankfort and in field offices statewide.  According to KEA's website, there are no fewer than 23 UniServ regional directors scattered across 19 UniServ regions. KEA also has building representatives with elected local officers working in each local education affiliate.  KEA has membership-elected delegates and officers who serve with NEA and attend annual meetings to cast votes in the policies and procedures of the NEA union.   KEA also claims affiliations with other labor unions, which offer support in protests, rallies, and a “show of force” in labor disputes. 


KAPE has three registered lobbyists who work in Frankfort and attend meetings relating to education issues and legislation.  Those lobbyists do not advocate for or against any particular legislative or public-policy proposal.  KAPE also does not endorse or support any candidates or parties for political office, nor is it affiliated with any entity that does so.  KAPE encourages all of its members to participate in the political process or not at their own discretion. 

KEA has five full-time paid registered lobbyists who work in Frankfort to support bills or defeat legislation to which the KEA is opposed.  KEA also engages in social-justice advocacy and is affiliated with the NEA, the latter of which uses its extensive network to support political candidates and platforms and social issues.  And the KEA is affiliated with KEPAC, a political action committee that endorses and financially supports candidates for political offices.   

Professional Growth

KAPE has a committee of National Board Certified teachers who offer mentoring to any NB candidate, free of charge, whether they are a KAPE member or not.  KAPE offers opportunities for members to become KAPE representatives in their school, district, or area. KAPE attends Opening Day activities, Benefits Fairs, and new teacher orientations in numerous districts to offer support and answer questions. 

KEA offers several independent professional development sessions and workshops for members only.  They also publish a new teacher handbook which is provided to members only. KEA provides opportunities for members to serve as local association officers and as delegates to NEA. 


KAPE has professional liability insurance for $2,000,000 per member, per occurrence. KAPE also offers identity theft protection, personal property insurance, private tutoring, and coverage for after school supervision when activities are approved by the local Board of Education.  Over $5000.00 in scholarships are awarded annually. Many local businesses offer discounts to KAPE members.  College students in undergraduate education programs are offered membership that is free of charge.

KEA has a list of local businesses who will give discounts to KEA members.  They also provide a life insurance policy which is contingent upon a certain set of circumstances for payout to survivors or beneficiaries, and there are numerous exclusions.  KEA offers $40,000.00 annually in scholarships.

Other Affiliations

KAPE has no affiliations with any other organization, locally or nationally. 

KEA is a state affiliate of the National Education Association (NEA), which is a registered labor union.  NEA has numerous and myriad affiliations, to which they contribute money. A detailed list of NEA contributions can be located at, which allows copying with credit given. 

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