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Executive Director Donna House, M.A., Ed., CKP:

Field Services Director/Membership Liaison Jennie Watkins:

KAPE is proud to offer multiple scholarships for high school seniors, student teachers, and teachers.  It is always our privilege to encourage ongoing professional development and/or continuing education for students of all ages.  This serves to foster a life-long love of learning and strengthens our educational community.  The types of scholarships awarded are:

  • KAPE Family Member

Awarded in the Spring to two graduating high school seniors who are relatives of KAPE members.

KAPE Family Member Scholarship Application.pdf

  • KAPE Star Student/Teacher Mentor

Awarded in the Spring to two graduating high school seniors who are sponsored by a mentoring KAPE member.  The mentoring KAPE member will also receive a stipend.

KAPE Star Student-Teacher Mentor Scholarship Application.pdf

  • KAPE Professional Development

Awarded in the Spring to three professional teachers for professional development to help offset the cost of graduate courses, registration fees to workshops, conferences/conference travel, or National Board Certification. 

KAPE Professional Development Scholarship Application.pdf

  • KAPE Student Teacher

Awarded to one KAPE Student Member in the Spring and one KAPE Student Member in the Fall during their semester of Student Teaching.

KAPE Student Teacher Scholarship Application.pdf

    Deadline Dates:

    • Spring Scholarship Applications are due by MARCH 15.  

    • Fall Scholarship Applications are due by OCTOBER 15.

    To submit your application, mail your postmarked application and all required documents by the respective deadline to:


    269 Regency Circle, Suite 2

    Lexington, KY 40503

    Applications are also accepted via email and may be submitted to  Please do not submit links or Dropbox accounts in lieu of required documents.  Applications received after the deadline will not be accepted.

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